Where’s print going? Online v Local

I was saddened to find out that a well established Kent  based printer had downsized, sold its presses and laid off its entire staff.  That’s a sad day for any business especially one that’s been around for  decades. Even sadder are the reasons why – your local printer is struggling to  compete against the on-line budget print services.

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Google’s getting tough with SEO links – Brighton SEO conference

-A Kent web designers review by Nigel Stevenson, MD www.oasthousemedia.co.uk website designers in Kent

BrightonSEO Conference 12th April 2013: The Brighton Dome www.brightonseo.com

Brighton is a lovely place and The Dome  a great venue.  The SEO conference didn’t disappoint either with a full day of lectures in 3  separate theatres within the complex. The event was well organised, easy to  navigate and very informative. Continue reading

QDF – go top on google with “Query Deserves Freshness”

QDF is a little know Google anacronym that us website  designers use to get a website top of google. It stands for Query Deserves  Freshness which I’m sure makes you none the wiser but if you use this Google  feature with your website you will see some amazing results.

Google monitors the web for what it calls spikes, in other  words sharp increases in activity be it searches, written content, advertising  etc.

Here’s an hypothetical example:

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Web friendly fonts – iPhones restricting design even more

I got a call today from a client who had just viewed her website on an iPhone. She was shocked to see all her live text had changed from Comic Sans to Old English Script!

Let me explain, in web design world us designers are restricted to just a handful of fonts that are universally available to all browsers, so called ‘web friendly’. That’s because when you view a web page your browser (ie: Mozilla, Opera etc) uses the fonts local to you, resident on your PC/Mac/Phone/Tablet Continue reading

Can a website be built with no information from the client?

Yes it can! Carrington tree surgeons and garden maintenance website design was completed this week (15th March 13) without any input from the client.

Design: we submitted a sympathetic design based on an initial meeting. The client admitted that he had no idea what he wanted, no text or images – a challenge. Our first design idea was accepted with a few minor tweaks. see website design process Continue reading