Can a website be built with no information from the client?

Yes it can! Carrington tree surgeons and garden maintenance website design was completed this week (15th March 13) without any input from the client.

Design: we submitted a sympathetic design based on an initial meeting. The client admitted that he had no idea what he wanted, no text or images – a challenge. Our first design idea was accepted with a few minor tweaks. see website design process

Text content: our copywriter Wendy Stevenson contacted the client and took a 15 min brief on the main services then submitted a draft text document for approval. see website copywriting

Images: We searched the image libraries for suitable photos and graphics for the site, the client supplied a youtube movie and we did the rest. see website image libraries and photography

SEO: all pages had google friendly SEO built into the H1, H2, links, alt tags using our proven on-page SEO practices. We also added the site address to 15 local FREE directories to boost the off-page SEO. see website SEO

what do you think?


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