QDF – go top on google with “Query Deserves Freshness”

QDF is a little know Google anacronym that us website  designers use to get a website top of google. It stands for Query Deserves  Freshness which I’m sure makes you none the wiser but if you use this Google  feature with your website you will see some amazing results.

Google monitors the web for what it calls spikes, in other  words sharp increases in activity be it searches, written content, advertising  etc.

Here’s an hypothetical example:

Virgin announce that they’re starting flights from Manston –  there will be a furious increase in ‘virgin’, ‘flights’, ‘Manston’, ‘airport’, ‘investment’  type keyword use within their search engine. Google’s QDF algorithm will spot  the spike and allow recently updated pages (that would not normally profile) using  these keyword to go top of its search results pages (but remember content is  king. If you want to play this game your copywriting has to be good).

I recently used this QDF process after attending The  BrightonSEO conference earlier this month. The following day I blogged a report  about the conference on my website (see blog) along with thousands of other bloggers (mainly expert SEOer’s).

Googles QDF algorithm spotted the spike and allowed refreshed  web pages to go top, some of these pages were just hours old! Now, if you  google ‘Brighton SEO conference review’ my blog is number one, page one out of  just under half a million search results.

How can you use QDF?
Timing is everything; you need to be able to write good copy  and post on either your web pages or a blog spot linked to your website quickly.  Wait for a relevant (to your business) news story even if it’s a local one then  write and publish. Try and match the keywords being used in the main story so  Google can match.

How can you use QDF to promote your own business?
By using the QDF algorithm and your blog you are generating  traffic to your website, the browser will read the article then hopefully stay  for a while to see what you do. If your website is interesting and relevant to  the browsers requirements you may get an enquiry.

Nigel Stevenson, MD www.oasthousemedia.co.uk website designers in Kent


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