Web friendly fonts – iPhones restricting design even more

I got a call today from a client who had just viewed her  website on an iPhone. She was shocked to see all her live text had changed from  Comic Sans to Old English Script!

by Nigel Stevenson, MD www.oasthousemedia.co.uk website designers in Kent

Let me explain, in web design world us designers are restricted  to just a handful of fonts that are universally available to all browsers, so  called ‘web friendly’. That’s because when you view a web page your browser  (ie: Mozilla, Opera etc) uses the fonts local to you, resident on your  PC/Mac/Phone/Tablet

Therefore device builders pre-install common fonts like – Arial,  Times, Verdana, Courier, Georgia, Comic Sans etc. Unfortunately Apple have  changed the rules (because they can) and knocked a whole load of fonts of our  already depleted list.

My clients Comic Sans font of choice is not supported so the  device automatically matches to a like-for-like resident font, in this case  very badly.

OK, so it’s a rare problem but be aware, fonts are a big  part of your website design so be very careful about selection. You can goolge ‘web  friendly fonts’ to get an idea of availability but also google ‘iphone friendly  fonts’ to get a better idea. For example you would think that the Microsoft  font ‘Calibri’ is web friendly? Wrong, very unfriendly.

I know what some of you are thinking, you’ve seen some very  elaborate and unusual fonts on some websites? They’ll be graphics, ie, a font  that been converted to a picture, .gif or .jpg usually. They look good but  Google can’t read them so the content is invisible (remember this if your  navigation is image button driven instead of real text)

Here endeth today’s sermon on fonts – THE most important  element on your website


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