Nigel Stevenson
Nigel Stevenson is the MD of Oast House Media, website designers based in Kent, UK.

Nigel has been in the media business for over 30 years, in fact when he started his career a design studio looked nothing like the way it does today. Drawing boards, parallel motions, technical pens, french curves and erasing shields were common tools of the trade along with art board, airbrushes, pantone and Letraset.

The transformation to a digital office was rapid and many colleague got left behind and left the media trades. An understanding of DOS was a stumbling block for many but those who embraced the new era became pioneers of the new design media environment.

“I remember my first MAC, a little box with a built in black and white screen, I almost threw it out after a week wondering what the hell am I going to use this for!”….”I can remember drawing a chess board – 8 x 8 squares and crashing the thing”

Nigel was there from the start and uses his depth of knowledge to create websites that not only look good but work on search engines using simple English to explain how it all works…”you have to remember not everyone understands the web, some clients have only just purchased a PC! They need help, not gobbledegook”

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