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Where’s print going? Online v Local

I was saddened to find out that a well established Kent  based printer had downsized, sold its presses and laid off its entire staff.  That’s a sad day for any business especially one that’s been around for  decades. Even sadder are the reasons why – your local printer is struggling to  compete against the on-line budget print services.

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3 2 4 – Does 4G add up?

Yes! Top selling point will almost certainly be the download speeds, up to 5 times faster than 3G which opens up a whole new dimension. Did you see the EE (Orange/T-Mobile) adverts last year with Kevin Bacon? Faster speeds mean no (or less) ‘buffering’, that annoying spinning disc in the middle of your screen telling you to wait for the next wedge of data to download. No buffering almost certainly means live TV and movies will truly be available on demand, on the move! Continue reading