My Broadband is slower in the evenings – why?

Working from home is a pleasure, during the day its quiet so I get a lot of website design work done but if I have to work late I always have problems with a slow connection (ADSL)

Now, I’ve always thought that was because more people use the internet in the evening, what the techy’s call ‘contention’ but after a recent issue with BT Open Reach (another story) my ISP (Nildram/TalkTalk) told me that there is no ‘contention’ on the line due to their line management system (LLU) – guaranteed!

So why does the internet slow down in the evening?

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3 2 4 – Does 4G add up?

Yes! Top selling point will almost certainly be the download speeds, up to 5 times faster than 3G which opens up a whole new dimension. Did you see the EE (Orange/T-Mobile) adverts last year with Kevin Bacon? Faster speeds mean no (or less) ‘buffering’, that annoying spinning disc in the middle of your screen telling you to wait for the next wedge of data to download. No buffering almost certainly means live TV and movies will truly be available on demand, on the move! Continue reading

e-Commerce websites are becoming more popular, this is why…

20% of all sales in the UK are completed on-line. This is due to increase to 60% by 2020.

Ebay and Amazon along with all the other public use on-line auction websites. These have given UK entrepreneurs the confidence to sell on-line

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Website jargon buster

Like any business we have our very own SEO jargon so if you want to know what ‘bounce rate’ means or where to find some ‘Google juice’ this is the download for you…


This document will help you understand some of the frequently used search engine words and phrases. If you need any other assistance contact us anytime: We can explain everything in simple English!

Buying a website – 6 phases

With over 10 years web design experience and hundreds of website design clients Oast House Media are established web designers in Kent see portfolio
From plumbers to surgeons, entertainers to builders, we’ve built websites for them all.

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New High Speed Rail Link (HS2) – Kent still has the bruises

My daughter was living in a small flat in North London, working in Covent Garden. She now lives with her boyfriend in Broadstairs (Kent) and uses the Kent High Speed Rail Link (HS1) to commute. It costs about the same when you do the maths but she lives with her man and the additional travel time – she’s much happier now! As parents we also get to see more of our daughter and worry less about her living alone in the capital.

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Designing a new logo

Before you meet your designer save yourself some money by researching your preferred design. If you’re a bit of an artist scribble down some ideas, or if not so talented go online – google (images) ‘logo’ – there’re thousands of designs out there. This is the time to also consider ‘usage’, in other words where and how will your logo be used now and in the future.

(by Nigel Stevenson, MD website logo designers in Kent)

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