SEO can be split between ON PAGE SEO and OFF PAGE SEO

On Page SEO
This is the placement of key words and phrases within your web pages using google’s best practice methods (google has over 90% of the UK search market). We help you through this and advise the best way to supply the visible text on your web pages (or we can do this for you, see also web copy writing).

We also add your keywords to areas not visible on your web pages using the google and other search engines are looking for. A news feed for example on your home page (if regularly updated) is a very good on page SEO tool.

Off page SEO
This is the SEO created outside of your website, ie: linking from directories, blogging, social media and any other internet based content that links or promotes your web site address.

Most clients can complete this themselves and at very little costs but it is time consuming so there are options for either Oast House Media to supply or commission a dedicated SEO company (we have SEO partners for this)

Link popularity is also an important area for a search engine optimiser. Link building is a trade in its own rights and for some companies – big business. We like to think that clients know their business better than us, therefore much of the off page link building can be done by the client with a bit of help. This will save you money and helps the client to understand SEO.

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